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[Rollei] Re: Encouraging Signs ... "Film is more fun"

TrueBadger   wrote:

> This geezer was pleasantly surprised the other day.
> My next door neighbor, a very nice guy from El Salvadore, has a 17 year old
> son who, it turns out, is very much into photography. My wife found this out
> and asked if he'd like to see my darkroom, which invitation the young man
> accepted.
> Near the end of this "tour" I remarked.. "of course, for your generation, all
> this will be gone, you'll be into digital".
> His response was, "Digital is okay... but film is more fun. I like film
> better."
> Maybe there's hope.

If digital imaging follows the path of other recording technologies, then it
is only a matter of time before film devotees are considered the true
purists and artists, forsaking the ease, cost/time savings, and harshnesses
of the digital realm and instead maintaining a devotion to the more
difficult, costly, time-consuming but aesthetically more pleasing analogue

I look forward to my days as a guru/oracle... ;-)

Eric Goldstein