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[Rollei] I hate it! (Unforgiving SL66...)

Hi Martin:

Condolences on your SL66 experience.
I had similar experiences with my SL66 and it went to H. Fleenor twice, but
Paepke's repair prices seem to be way higher than the options you have over
According to Mark at the RolleiClub Paepke seems to be the only option
worldwide to work on the SL66SE, but for the basic SL66, is there no one
else in Germany who can service it for less?  Maybe the Netherlands Rollei
Club people have some ideas.

Perhaps it's worthwhile to invest in a repair manual.  It seems a number of
people find the SL66 fairly easy to work on.

From: Martin Jangowski <martin  
Subject: [Rollei] I hate it!
Hi Rolleiphiles,
a few days ago I got my overhauled SL66 from Paepke. Today, I was making
Repros with the 120 S-Planar and exposure times in the 4-10s rage, when
something bit me and I decided to test the 2.8/80 Planar wide open. I had
to adjust the exposure time to 1s and made the exposure... forgetting to
release the automatic lock at the wire release (is this thing called "wire
release" in english? My dictionary says so...). So the trigger was pushed
when I turned the crank. The camera behaved unusual (understandable), and
I tried to transport again before realizing my error. By now, the camera
is completely locked... the mirror is up, the shutter closed, the crank is
blocked and nothing moves anymore.
A call to Paepke for help resulted in a parcel sent to D¸sseldorf.... I
hate it!!!!
Martin (gnashing teeths and rolling with the eyes...)