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Re: [Rollei] Rollinar 3 parallax error

In a message dated 5/16/2003 5:28:43 AM Eastern Standard Time, mail  writes:

> Ok, it was my first day with my 2.8 GX, I was brimming with confidence having 
> eventually found where the battery was hidden. I loaded my first roll of film (sensibly 
> it turned out) ignoring the print out of an old TLR manual and set about fitting the 
> Rollinar 3 lens that came with the camera.
> I was presented with two lenses, one which simply magnified which I mounted to the 
> viewing lens and another which was thicker which had an angled lens (which I 
> thought it was for parallax compensation) I mounted to the viewing lens
> Anyway, whatever I did was wrong as the Staffordshire 
> figures I was photographing 
> all had their heads chopped off!
> help appreciated
> regards
> Simon Greenwood
> --
> Simon Greenwood

Your message makes it sound as if you put BOTH Rolleinar components on the viewing lens.  I'm not sure this is even possible, so it's probably an error in your description of what you did.

The component with the "wedge",(deviation prism) goes on the viewing (upper) lens.  The simple magnifier on the taking (lower) lens.

Within the focusing range of the particular Rolleinar set, this should correct for framing parallax (you should not get chopped of "heads").  It will not correct however, for the "angle-of-view" parallax effects between closer and more distant objects in the photo.

You might check your rolleinar set and see if in fact both the viewing and taking attatchments are indeed of the "3" strength.  Mixed sets are sometimes found out there in the marketplace.

G. King