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RE: [Rollei] Re: Rollei panorama head, and "nodal points"

Excuse me please, if I bother with my pano photo
again, but I need explain something:

 Richard Knoppow wrote:
?...The mismatch can be seen in Carlos's photo but is
not too obvious because of the subject matter and also
the outstanding job of matching the tonal rendition of
the sections. It can, however, be seen in the

Siu Fai wrote:
?....Carlos, I notice some sharp bends in the fence of
your photograph. I think these are typical distortions
or mismatch for analogue stitched photos:::?

I wrote:
?:::The railing is the subject closer to the camera,
and it is slightly out of focus... If I used f/22 the
?bug? don?t exist, you can be sure...?

I wrote this stupid remark due the term ?railing?
confused me. I believed that Richard Knoppow referred
to the vestibule door with a railing, not to the
hence. This vestibule door with a railing  maybe has a
hardly visible focus lack and there is an uneven roof
between light and shadow behind it  that makes a
strange geometrical figure (this isn?t a distortion).
I believed that Richard and Siu alluded to this
strange geometrical figure behind the vestibule door
in their mails talking about distortions, mismatch and
sharp bends. Yesterday, I had a rest and I read the
messages again ( you consider that my English language
is the English I learnt into school) and I looked the
pano photo again, then I understood that Richard and
Siu allude to the hence in first plane, not to the
vestibule door.
They are right, there is a union line in the hence so
evident for me ( maybe because I joined the frames)
that I thought it was evident for everybody, then, the
commentaries couldn?t refer to a stuff so evident, I
believed it. 
However, I must say  that the distortion or sharp bend
in the hence  is exagerated due the following
circunstances: a) There is a big water?s tank behind
the camera projecting its shadow on the hence,
coinciding the shadow?s limits with the hence. b) The
hence changes its angle coinciding with tank?s shadow
limits. c) Both frames coincide exactly to where the
hence changes its angle and to where the tank?s shadow
I am conviced, without these circunstances , the union
line would be hardly visible or almost invisible
directly, but it demonstrates that I didn?t use a
panorama software. I hope that I  understood Richard
and Siu messages this time.
All the best

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