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[Rollei] Visit to Rollei / 66 dual P questions

Ferdi et al.,

Thanks for the "Einblick" into the Rollei Production in Braunschweig. It
must be a nightmare to coordinate so many different items, maintain top
quality AND stay competitive in this market.  VERY interesting.
I was intrigued by the way certain pieces are produced at certain times of
the year, like the projectors.

Apropos projectors:

Will the dual format 66 dual P be produced in the forseeable future?
I am hoping to eventually replace my P11 with a dual P but retain my three
P11 lenses (110, 150 and 250) assuming they will work on the dual P just

Anyone on this list who is using the 66 dual P and can give a performance
assessment / comparison to P11?


 Except for TLRs, the assembly lines are modern.
> Workers perform a number of tasks. Slide projector production is limited to
> Winter times; they do not sell in Summer. So now it was time for TLR
> production! Some 20 per day, a 100 per week. Thursday must have been a
>day for
> Rolleiflex FW (New Rollei-Wide) production. We saw 20 new Wides at
> final inspection.