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Re: [Rollei] estimated price for mint 6003 SRC?

Thanks Siu!

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From: Siu Fai <siufai  
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Sent: Thu May 15 07:28:23 2003
Subject: RE: [Rollei] estimated price for mint 6003 SRC?

> I'm very interested in a mint gray 6003 SRC that a well known
> Philadelphia shop is offering for $950, which incudes the grip,
> 80mm Planar, 120 back.
> I'm seriously considering selling off some other gear to make
> this purchase, as I'm most interested in utilizing the built-in
> metering and superb lenses.
> Any feedback on price, or questions that I should ask of the shop?

It's a good price, I have seen similar prices for the camera without the

Important things to ask:
- - Is battery and charger included?
- - Which type of lens is it? non-PQ, PQ, PQS

Good luck,

Siu Fai