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RE: [Rollei] I hate it!

> a few days ago I got my overhauled SL66 from Paepke. Today, I was making
> Repros with the 120 S-Planar and exposure times in the 4-10s rage, when
> something bit me and I decided to test the 2.8/80 Planar wide open. I had
> to adjust the exposure time to 1s and made the exposure... forgetting to
> release the automatic lock at the wire release (is this thing called "wire
> release" in english? My dictionary says so...). So the trigger was pushed
> when I turned the crank. The camera behaved unusual (understandable), and
> I tried to transport again before realizing my error. By now, the camera
> is completely locked... the mirror is up, the shutter closed, the crank is
> blocked and nothing moves anymore.
> A call to Paepke for help resulted in a parcel sent to Düsseldorf.... I
> hate it!!!!

I'm sorry to hear that. I have had this once with my 3.5E3. The result was
very similar: the camera was completely jammed and I had to open the front
panel to fix it.

I hope you'll have the camera back soon.

Grüsse aus Jülich,

Siu Fai