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Re: [Rollei] Visit to Rollei - minimalist TLR wishes

> a _minimalist_ but 100% mechanical TLR, but
> with, of course, a
> top-class lens. This is something very unlikely
> - but a brand-new recomputed 75 or 80 optics
> that at least would equal
>   the 5- or 6-element lenses offered on R-TLRs.
> a f/3.5 or even f/4
>   lens would be OK for me. A 4-element lens with
> aspheric surfaces
>   could be a good alternative to get something
> sharp and small.

I agree. No meter, no leathers, a compact F3.5 or F4 
lens, simple and clear finder, L39 threads, more rigid 
back so you can use normal quick release plate, I'd 
even tolerate a non-leaf shutter and slow flash synch 
if it would keep the price at or below $1,000. 

Maybe Cosina could do it.

- -Robin