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Re: [Rollei] Sachtler tripods


It doesn't surprise me at all that you like them so much -- they're
definitely the best tripods I've ever used.  The fastest to set up, easiest
to adjust, and the panning action on their fluid heads -- which is
extremely, extremely important for motion cameras -- is the best, hands
down, that I've used.

I was only surprised because, as you mentioned, their prices are outrageous,
and I was hoping that they once did make tripods for stills and it would be
possible to pick up a used model somewhere down the line.


 5/14/03 11:18 AM, dshea   wrote:

> Tim,
> Yes, I do, their strength and overall quality is excellent and I like the
> fluid head for panning action (I shoot a lot of racing photos). I also
> like using them for smooth, critical adjustment when doing macro work. I
> recently read that someone has a theory about the fluid head also
> providing dampening against mirror-slap (by leaving the hood loose), but
> I'm skeptical of that claim -- I would have to see empirical proof to be
> convinced of that. Overall, I am just very pleased with the tripods The
> mounting plates are also a big plus -- I'll put a plate on every lens and
> body that I take with me, then switching gear is quick and easy. However,
> the cost of the Sachtler plates is outrageous -- something like $150.00
> per. I had a local machine shop make 12 of them for me for $60.00 total
> ($5.00 per plate). Sachtlers work well for me -- I can't see ever
> switching to anything else.
> Cheers,
> Doug
>> Sachtler makes tripods for still cameras?  I've used their tripods with
>> motion cameras but never knew they made any other kind.  You don't use
>> the ones designed for motion cameras, do you?
>> Tim
>> on 5/14/03 8:53 AM, dshea   wrote:
>>> I agree with Ellis; I have two Sachtlers, a Tiltall and a Linhof (same
>>> size as the Sachtlers and with lever locks). The tripod I use most
>>> often is the Linhof -- everything about it is very precise. The
>>> Tiltall is a nice light tripod, but I have no illusion to it being
>>> anything more than it is: very simple and basic.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Doug
>>>> I prefer the Linhof's more so than the gitzo's.
>>>> The Linhof's have a lever on each leg extension. When you throw the
>>>> lever over you have a positive lock.My other Linhof uses knobs which
>>>> can tend to lock in freezing weather. I also use a gitzo and it is
>>>> very nice.
>>>> Over the years I have tried Tiltall, Bogen as well. They are nice
>>>> tripods but their usability and quality seem to be in direct
>>>> proportion to the monetary investment.
>>>> Now I know the Linhof's are expensive but worth every penny. Even
>>>> their tripod heads are superior. They have a silkiness and a grip
>>>> unlike I have ever seen.
>>>> regards,
>>>> ellis