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[Rollei] Tripods and Rollei


I use the Tiltall with my metal 8x10 Kodak Master Camera, (not the Kodak
Master View Camera).  But I don't use it with the 11x14 Korona. I tried
it once and it held okay but didn't seem massive enough, so I switched
to a Majestic for the big camera.

I also use the Tiltall with the 6008i and 2.8F and occasionally with
35mm cameras. 

Real men don't need tripods for 35mm.  :)

My son likes to use a Tiltall with the Coolpix 990.

- -- 

Jim - http://www.hemenway.com

tripspud wrote:
> Hi Dan,
>      I use the Tiltall with my 'new' (refurbished) 5x7 Seneca and it works fine.
> I've got both the handles long for easy adjustment.  It handles everything
> smaller just fine.  I may go larger, like 8x10 or 11x14 someday, and for
> that, I'll get a Reis made of wood.  The Tiltall allows the 5x7 to be turned
> on its side.  As the Seneca has been moded with added front swings, moving
> the camera to the side allows front tilts, which it does not have.  The Seneca
> only weighs 5 lbs without lens.
> Cheers,
> Rich Lahrson
> Berkeley, California
> tripspud  
> Dan Kalish wrote:
> > I feel out of the league of photgraphers who listed Tiltall, but here goes:
> >
> > For years, I've been using a SLIK Universal 212 with native pan head.  I
> > never liked the quick release mount and thought it too unstable for a Rollei
> > SL66.
> >
> > Just this week I picked up a Velbon Mark 6 because of its weight.  I thought
> > it would be stable for my Graphic View II camera.  I will use a newly
> > acquired Giotto MH 5000 pan head with the Rollei.  It actually screws into
> > the camera base and has a substantial base to support the camera.  I will
> > use the Velbon tripod sans head for the view camera.
> >
> > Dan K.