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Re: [Rollei] Rollei Users list digest V12 #81

Hi Dan,

     I use the Tiltall with my 'new' (refurbished) 5x7 Seneca and it works fine.

I've got both the handles long for easy adjustment.  It handles everything
smaller just fine.  I may go larger, like 8x10 or 11x14 someday, and for
that, I'll get a Reis made of wood.  The Tiltall allows the 5x7 to be turned
on its side.  As the Seneca has been moded with added front swings, moving
the camera to the side allows front tilts, which it does not have.  The Seneca
only weighs 5 lbs without lens.


Rich Lahrson
Berkeley, California

Dan Kalish wrote:

> I feel out of the league of photgraphers who listed Tiltall, but here goes:
> For years, I've been using a SLIK Universal 212 with native pan head.  I
> never liked the quick release mount and thought it too unstable for a Rollei
> SL66.
> Just this week I picked up a Velbon Mark 6 because of its weight.  I thought
> it would be stable for my Graphic View II camera.  I will use a newly
> acquired Giotto MH 5000 pan head with the Rollei.  It actually screws into
> the camera base and has a substantial base to support the camera.  I will
> use the Velbon tripod sans head for the view camera.
> Dan K.