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Re: [Rollei] Sachtler tripods

Sachtler makes tripods for still cameras?  I've used their tripods with
motion cameras but never knew they made any other kind.  You don't use the
ones designed for motion cameras, do you?


on 5/14/03 8:53 AM, dshea   wrote:

> I agree with Ellis; I have two Sachtlers, a Tiltall and a Linhof (same
> size as the Sachtlers and with lever locks). The tripod I use most often
> is the Linhof -- everything about it is very precise. The Tiltall is a
> nice light tripod, but I have no illusion to it being anything more than
> it is: very simple and basic.
> Cheers,
> Doug
>> I prefer the Linhof's more so than the gitzo's.
>> The Linhof's have a lever on each leg extension. When you throw the
>> lever over you have a positive lock.My other Linhof uses knobs which can
>> tend to lock in freezing weather. I also use a gitzo and it is very
>> nice.
>> Over the years I have tried Tiltall, Bogen as well. They are nice
>> tripods but their usability and quality seem to be in direct proportion
>> to the monetary investment.
>> Now I know the Linhof's are expensive but worth every penny. Even their
>> tripod heads are superior. They have a silkiness and a grip unlike I
>> have ever seen.
>> regards,
>> ellis