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Re: [Rollei] Visit to Rollei - minimalist TLR wishes

Instead of an ultimate TLR my wishes would go on the other extreme to
a _minimalist_ but 100% mechanical TLR, but with, of course, a
top-class lens. This is something very unlikely to be re-designed and
marketed : but who would have predicted a rebirth of 35 mm rangefinder
cameras ?

I would favor something like the Rolleicord TLR

- - with a mechanical leaf shutter (little is left on the market
  nowadays outside the copal 0, used on the GX/FX and a chinese-made

- - no built-in exposure meter nor any electronics of any kind (this
  does not save much money on the final price, unfortunately),

- - but a brand-new recomputed 75 or 80 optics that at least would equal
  the 5- or 6-element lenses offered on R-TLRs. a f/3.5 or even f/4
  lens would be OK for me. A 4-element lens with aspheric surfaces
  could be a good alternative to get something sharp and small.

- - no winding crank but a similar manual shutter tensioning as on a
  view camera but with the clever interlock system of the Rolleicord
  would be perfect. I'd appreciate however something more comfortable
  than the present Rolleicord triggering system. The R-T release
  button is perfectly ergonomic, though.

- - althought I'd like to strip-off all deluxe features to cut price,
  like the automatic roller-feeler, the 220 capability and the shutter
  tensioning coupled to a winding crank, the thumbwheels to set speeds
  and apertures, I'd appreciate the come-back of the double viewing
  system with the additional loupe and mirror at eye level than was
  not implemented on the 'cord or the R-T, only on 'flexes.

- - bringing back the removable film back capability, abandoned on the
  GX/FX, to accomodate for cut film holders or digital backs (???)
  would be a definite plus.

- - the total weight should be kept at about one kilogram.

This to remind R-TLR aficionados that a modern Mamiya 7 rangefinder
has about the same weight as a 3,5F : 1250 grams and is fitted with
top-class lenses, whereas the Rolleicord at less than 900 grams is
definitely lighter...

- -- 
Emmanuel BIGLER