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Re: [Rollei] Tiltall repair


Whoa there!  That 3M stuff is abrasive, and can score the bottom
of your camera.  try to find the cork or rubberized cork sheets.
The stair tread stuff has grit imbedded in it.


Bill Bresler wrote:

> > worn off the cork (or
> > whatever that material is) on the head and it causes a
> > lot of frustrating
> > slippage.
> >
> > thanks,
> > Tim
> Tim,
> Go to the hardware store. 3M makes an adhesive-backed
> non-skid rubber-like material. It's used for slippery
> steps. The adhesive is very strong and the material is
> very durable. Cut a circle the size of the head surface
> or, better yet, just slap a piece of the stuff on the
> head and trim with an Xacto knife. I fixed my Tiltall
> over 5 years ago. Still works great.
> Bill
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> destroying the collectible value of the tripod.)
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