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RE: [Rollei] Visit to Rollei - ideal TLR

This visit to Rollei factory got me thinking:  I think it would be fun
for us to identify the features of the "ultimate" TLR. I know, some
people think the ultimate TLR already exists, but I think if all the
best features of existing TLRs were put into one camera, along with some
fresh ideas.

Here are my ideas for the "Ultimate TLR":

1) Easy to change range of hi quality lenses covering ultra wide to
telephoto focal range; lenses have built-in hoods;

2) Interchangeable film magazines for 120/220 so ready-loaded backs
could be used;

3) Best technology for combination ambient/flash/spot metering with
selectable modes;

4) Built-in lightweight motor drive that could be detached easily if

5) Built-in bellows extension, plus specially designed macro lens for

6) Pop-out lcd panel that would show all chosen stats/modes, so none of
that would clutter the viewfinder, yet still be available as needed;

What else????