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Re: [Rollei] Tiltall repair

I bought a package of gasket material at the local hardware store that had
a sheet of cork, and a couple of sheets of  thick rubber (the pieces were
about 6" square) and I have used these materials to replace worn or
missing pieces on tripod heads and quick-release plates. I cut the piece
to size and glue it with contact cement (apply to both surfaces, let dry
and then fasten together). There are probably other sources for similar
material, the hardware store just happened to be the first place that I



> Since many on this list endorse the original Tiltall tripod, I was
> wondering if anyone could help me find a repairman or a replacement part
> for mine.  A friend gave me one used by a photojournalist who had worn
> off the cork (or whatever that material is) on the head and it causes a
> lot of frustrating slippage.
> thanks,
> Tim