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RE: [Rollei] What's your favourite tripod?

Favourite tripod(s), for me, using a Rolleiflex:

Bogen/Manfrotto 3021.  It provides reasonable stability without excess
weight.  Easily adjustable leg heights, individually variable leg
angles, a reasonable center column.  Everything held together with
Allen-head bolts, easily tightened (Allen-head wrench provided with
tripod).  A nice compromise between quality and price.  I strongly
recommend the optional spiked feet.

Linhof Profi II ballhead (003676), with the older style quick release
plate.  I love the ballhead, but I don't love the QR plate.  I always
use a Rolleifix with it.  

But the tripod that goes nearly everywhere with me is the Leitz (now
Leica) table top tripod, with its small ballhead.  Though only offering
a few inches of height, it is small and light, hence easy to take along.
Attaching the Rolleifix to this is quick and easy, and I'm ready to go.
I'm not dependent on finding a convenient surface at a reasonable
height, as it works about as well held tightly to the side of a
building, a tree trunk, or whatever is handy.  Quite a useful piece of

Ah, but once upon a time I owned a Tiltall, upon the recommendation of
friends and coworkers.  The leg locks didn't seem to want to stay put
unless I twisted them tightly, which of course meant that I had to
untwist them with equal or greater effort.  In either case, my hands
were left with a lot of dark smudges from the effort.  I found the
Tiltall aptly named, as it was likely to tilt in all manner of
directions without warning.  When it developed a tendency to tilt my
camera into the ground lens first, I retired it.  But, of course, that
was long ago...

//  Russ Bates
//  Redmond, WA