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RE: [Rollei] Re: What's your favourite tripod?

- --- Austin Franklin <darkroom  > wrote:
> Clearly my lovely wife, but technically, she's a
> bipod, or a quadpod at rare
> times...and no, I don't have any pictures...
> ;-)

Well I've got some intersting mental pictures now...


I'm not a terrific fan of tripods, but the one I like
best for a Rollei TLR is the lightweight Manfrotto 190
(Bogen 3001) with the 3-way Junior head (056 / Bogen
3025) and Rolleifix. I can never be bothered to carry
a heavier model, and I prefer to hand-hold (I have
NEVER mounted one of my Leicas on a tripod, for
The tripod gets used for landscapes, formal
portraiture and the odd wedding I shoot (and they do
tend to be VERY odd weddings) - and macro stuff with
other cameras. Incidentally, I use a different head
for all my other cameras, even if using the same
tripod - a 222 Joystick head (Bogen 3265), which is
great to use.


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