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AW: [Rollei] hand grip for 3003


one of the oddities of the SL 2000 is that without the grip it is as handy
as ... well I can't think of anything that is equally awkward to use. That
is why the grip is so essential, although it turns the camera into something
that really looks 'professional'.
When Rollei realised this they made the 3003 which has the side strap which
I think is the best solution and makes the side grip obsolete. If you wish
to have the full size grip under the camera you need to do the following:

1. Loosen the hexagonal bolt in the upper rear side of the grip using the
key that sits in the grip. turn the grip so that the plastic blind piece
falls out of the opening in the upper grip.
2. Loosen the chromed conical connecting piece that attached the grip to the
side extension and mount it to the top of the grip, the little pin pointing
3. Put the blind into the side opening and tighten the hexagonal bolt.
4. Attach the grip to the base plate the same way it was attached to the
side extension
4. Attach the grip base plate to the camera as usual. The shutter will be
released via a small pin that finds a hole in the base of the camera - its a


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Betreff: [Rollei] hand grip for 3003

I have the hand grip for the 3003 which is "side mounted".
I would rather have the grip directly under the camera.
Does the side-grip contain all the parted needed to convert
it? Also, how does one convert it?  Ed