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Re: [Rollei] Re: Rollei panorama head, and "nodal points"

OK, Pablo, I respect your opinion and I have my
opinion. Thanks for your words about the photograph
again. I answered several emails on and off list and I
am tired, excuse me please.
Un abrazo
 --- Pablo Kolodny <pablo  > escribió:
> > I like use
> > the Rolleiflex TLR and its accesories as they were
> > designed by the manufacturer,
> Hey Carlos, 
> what's wrong with using any tool to improve your
> image ?
> I tend to use Rollei and other oldies the way they
> were designed for but
> wouldn't hesitate going for newer tools to improve
> my images.
> anyway I'd bet that seeing your pano shot from a
> suitable distance would not
> lead to perceive so much bugs... I tend better to
> look at a picture to see
> what's in it rather than establish what was the f
> number you used nor the
> shutter speed and so on. Technical stuff is fine but
> is not enough to make a
> picture to look great. Yours does look great, you
> better forget focus/lack
> of focus questions in this kind of photos. And get
> noticed some of the flaws
> the pano thing would bring out could be fixed by
> some software too.
> saludos
> Pablo

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