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Re: [Rollei] What's your favourite tripod?

In the late 1970s I had a Leitz Tiltall, which IMHO was a mediocre product.
In its day it was a fair value for the money, but in the current market its
continuing popularity eludes me.  There are better Manfrotto/Bogen in that
price range.  Dissatisfaction with the Tiltall led me to purchase a second
hand Gitzo that I still use today (literally, I have a project in the works
this a.m.).  

After 25 years of frequent use the Gitzo is as tight and functional as when
it was (almost) new.  I think it a perfect match for a Rollei, not only in
utility but construction.  I have heard "best possible" is the enemy of
"good enough," and while that  concept has validity, it is particularly
satisfying to work (or fool around) with the best.

Allen Zak

on 5/13/03 9:20 AM, Jim Hemenway at Jim   wrote:

> Not true in my case, I have an original Marchioni Tiltall and a very
> recent Omicron Tiltall and I see no real difference.
> I did have an asian Tiltall copy roughly 30+ years ago which worked
> fine... its finish was a little rough.