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Re: [Rollei] Re: Rollei panorama head, and "nodal points"

> I like use
> the Rolleiflex TLR and its accesories as they were
> designed by the manufacturer,

Hey Carlos, 

what's wrong with using any tool to improve your image ?
I tend to use Rollei and other oldies the way they were designed for but
wouldn't hesitate going for newer tools to improve my images.

anyway I'd bet that seeing your pano shot from a suitable distance would not
lead to perceive so much bugs... I tend better to look at a picture to see
what's in it rather than establish what was the f number you used nor the
shutter speed and so on. Technical stuff is fine but is not enough to make a
picture to look great. Yours does look great, you better forget focus/lack
of focus questions in this kind of photos. And get noticed some of the flaws
the pano thing would bring out could be fixed by some software too.