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Re: [Rollei] What's your favourite tripod?


I use a Bogen 3021 pro legs with the super sturdy Bogen 3047 pan/tilt head. I usually have the center column removed from the tripod. The legs can be locked into 4 preset angles separately, including an ultra wide angle that is only 6 inches off the ground.

The head can hold 16.5 pounds max. I use mostly TLRs, and they sit on top of this beefy combination like a small cherry on top of a triple scoop ice cream cone.

I like this combination for its stability and ease of use. It's rock solid. If I was going to do any action photography that required quick changes I would prefer to use a ball head like the Arca Swiss monoball, which is used by many nature photographers.

BTW, the rolleifix works perfectly in conjunction with the QR plate of the 3047 head.

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What's your favourite tripod to use with your Rolleiflex, especially 600x 

Please also state the head you use and the pros and cons of the combination.