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Re: [Rollei] What's your favourite tripod?

The original Tiltalls and the Tiltalls built by E.Leitz are of very good
quality. However, the Tiltall being sold new today is quite inferior -- it
is a Tiltall in name only. You need to find an early model to judge them



> It's a little bit to my surprise that not many people in this form like
> the  Gitzo carbon fibre tripod.  A lot of people, say Nikonian, like to
> use  Gitzo Mountaineer G1227 and Arca Swiss B1 ball head with the quick
> release  plate (QR).  They tend to use it even with very long lens like
> even  600mmf4.  Someone in photo.net would like to use model specific
> L-plates  from Really Right Stuff (RRS) and from Kirk Photo together
> with the QR  system too.
> However, it is always good to have a different point of view from
> different  person.  I shall also have a look at the Tiltall since it's
> not that common  here.  Thanks for yours opinions.
> Rgds,
> Dennis