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Re: [Rollei] series 6? (was 'Must Haves' for any TLR user?)


Yes, Kodak made them a long time ago.  I never realized that
Leitz/ Minolta would start using them on the Leica CL, after
I thought that Series 5.5 was obsolete.  The reason why they
did not use the ubiquitous 39mm filter size escapes me. The
size IS 39mm but the pitch is different.

If you are careful in screwing the filters in, standard Leica 39mm
filters can be used for the CL lenses.


Siu Fai wrote:

> > Yes, "the very well known" series 5.5 filter size as used in the
> > Leica CL among some others.  Kodak made loads of them.
> Thanks. I didn't know that they made something between 5 and 6.
> Siu Fai