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Re: [Rollei] WTB: Series 6 orange filter (Bay 3 would work, too.)

In a message dated 5/13/2003 12:24:57 AM Eastern Standard Time, james_olson   writes:

> If anyone has an extra Orange series 6 filter, it's eluded me to this point. 
>  I don't believe Kodak made a Series 6 orange, but any high quality filter 
> would be great.
> James.

I'm pretty sure they did make them.  I have kodak orange 21 in series 6. It seems only reasonable that there are some 15's or 16's out there somewhere.  

Kodak and Tiffen filters would be pretty much equivalent I think, since both are gel sandwiched between glass.

Remember, a lot of the old kodak filters didn't carry the familiar number designations, but used a single-letter designation instead.  I don't have the book on this handy, but it could be the filter you want is hiding out there under a letter designation.

G. King