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Re: [Rollei] What's your favourite tripod?

I primarily use a Sachtler Video 10 and Video 14II, both have fluid heads.
For me, it's all "pros" and no "cons," it is equipment that I have been
extremely pleased with. Occasionally I will also use a Leitz Tiltall and a
Linhof that is about the same size as the Sachtlers, the main difference
being that it has a rather unique head on it. In the Cafes around here
folks argue endlessly about rifle calibers; I believe that the same is
true in regards to tripods among photographers, but I am convinced to err
on the side of overkill -- bigger, stronger, sturdier is better. I'm not
at all familiar with the offerings from Bogen, Manfrotto, and Gitzo, but
it seems as though many people use them -- they might also be worth
checking into.



> What's your favourite tripod to use with your Rolleiflex, especially
> 600x  gears?
> Please also state the head you use and the pros and cons of the
> combination.
> Regards,
> Dennis