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Re: [Rollei] Re: Rollei panorama head

        A photograph modified in an important portion
by a determinated software is a digital image, not
photography. Photography is the negative, the slide
and the print enlarged. I like computation very much
and I use the software all the time, but I respect the
photography.... y me voy a dormir
- --- Pablo Kolodny <pablo  > escribió: >
Carlos Manuel Freaza wrote:
> > Your answer is interesting for me. I'm against the
> > software on this matter.
> > All the best
> > Carlos
> I wonder why you're against something that serves as
> one more of tools to
> help finding a goal you'd be happy with.
> It's a real truth, as already said before in the
> thread, that working with
> large files is a real pain in the sense of needing
> lots of RAM and so on.
> But.. that's the same as saying you're against of
> this or that filter or the
> Rollei pano head itself...
> just pouring a little bit of salt'n peppa to the
> puchero.
> Pablo

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