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Re: [Rollei] Re: push-on adapter rings


Do you mean to tell us that you cannot tell the difference 'tween
aluminium and stainless steel?  (steel has about 3 times the density
of aluminium)

BTW, most of my Kodak adapter rings are made of chrome plated brass.
which is even denser than steel!.



TrueBadger   wrote:

> The nicest ones of these I've seen are the ones made (or made for and sold by) Kodak back in the fifties.
> They have tabs that are profiled in such a way as to reduce the chances of scratching metal on the camera. They also SEEM to be made of stainless steel, or at least of a very unusual alloy of aluminum.
> Most others I've seen have "squared off" tabs, apparently with keeping manufacturing costs low as the goal in preference to making them easy to put on the camera.
> I have several of these that I got in "box lots" of stuff that fit the old folders I use.  I like them well enough that I'm keeping an eye out for sizes I don't have "just in case I ever need them"
> G. King