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Re: [Rollei] Re: Rollei panorama head

I forget the name of the software that I saw reviewed in one of the "Outdoor Photography" magazines I picked up at the local library, but the review of this panoramic stitching application was extremely positive. Based on the samples in the magazine, the results were impressive.

The great thing about using the software is that all the difficult merging of the images and transition points are done by the software. Basically all you do is open the jpegs (or whatever format) that you want to join, and the software goes through many iterations of poisitioning, joining, and perfecting the transition points.

The reviewer stated that nobody who saw the final panoramic thought it was a "stitched" image, and viewed at 2400 dpi you could not see any transitions. 

Anyway, love to try this with 4 or 5 rolleiflex negatives. A perfect complement to a panoramic head.
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