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[Rollei] Mutar 0.7x

Does anyone have an opinion about the 0.7x Mutar on
either the f3.5 Planar or Xenotar? To me the greatest
limitation of the Rollei TLRs is the fact that a
standard lens isn't wide enough for much of my
photography, and as I can't afford a Wide, my
requirement is currently covered off ffairly
adequately but with excessive bulk my either my Mamiya
M645 or Pentacon 6. But I got to thinking that it
might be much easier and more pleasant to just carry a
Mutar - anbody used one? Happily? As a Zeiss
accessory, how well does it work with the Xenotar? (I
hesitate to ask if there's any difference between 5
and 6 element lenses.....)
It could be just the thing.


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