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Re: [Rollei] What would fit? (was: Would an SL66 Chimney Finder Fit a TLR)


Ya gotta mount it on a WLF or Prism base.  Those aint cheap!


"Fox, Robert" wrote:

> Rick,
> I hope the older rigid Hassey chimneys fit because I just bought one on
> eBay for that very purpose. While I love the WLF (another elegant Rollei
> design) I have longed for a good chimney to use for outdoors landscape
> shooting. I've been told that a Hassey chimney will fit Rollei TLRs with
> removable WLFs. I think the Hassey chimney is 3x magnification, but I'm
> sure others among us know the details well.
> BTW, are there any instructions on the web anywhere for how to put the
> Hassey chimney on a Rolleiflex?  Is it a no-brainer?
> R.J. (very near DC)
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> Subject: Re: [Rollei] What would fit? (was: Would an SL66 Chimney Finder
> Fit a TLR)
> Along the lines of RF's query...
> Somewhere in a publication I've seen photos
> of someone (Newton?) using a Rollei with
> a Hassey type chimmney. Anyone have a clue
> as to what was used/done? Is there some
> cheap FSU solution (Kiev, et al)?
> Rick in DC
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