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[Rollei] Flare Buster

Just get a big piece of cardboard and shade the whole camera as best you

Peter K

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From: Jerry Lehrer [mailto:jerryleh  ]
Sent: Monday, May 12, 2003 9:21 AM
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Subject: Re: [Rollei] series 6? Or 3x3 filters


What you probably have is the mount half of a Rollei Graduated
Filter assembly, or "Verlauffilter".

Yes you can cut Cokin etc. filters to size, but remember with no
lens hood in front of them, they are susceptible to flare.


"Fox, Robert" wrote:

> I just bought for almost nothing on eBay a filter holder that attaches
to the front of the square lenshood for use on any Rollei 3.5 lens. I
don't know if the filter holder takes 3x3 filters, but can anyone tell
me how easy or difficult it is to cut Lee/Cokin style filters to
different sizes? I have no experience with these type of filters but it
seems like an economical way to use the many nice graduated filters
available in this type. Anyone use gel filters on their Rolleis?
> TIA,
> R.J.
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