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Re: [Rollei] Re: Rollei panorama head, and "nodal points"

Carlos Manuel Freaza wrote:

> Emmanuel:
> The technical discussion about "nodal
> points", rotating panoramic camera, TLR standard
> panoramic head,etc. is actually  very
> interesting for me, but I think that there is a point
> no considered. If the image's distortion occurs in the
> edges principally, the Rollei panoramic head reproduce
> a portion of the previous frame during a sequence,
> then, if you cut each frame in the point where both
> coincide, the distortion in the edges almost
> dissapears because the edge dissapears, at least I
> have this impression looking my panoramic views on
> paper.
> In fact, the Rolleiflex TLR has a narrow body and it
> rotates with the taking lens near the panorama head
> axis in favor of the sequence quality. I have the last
> panoramic head model and it works very well in
> practical use.
> All the best
> Carlos


all this stuff your good pano image triggered out reminds me those words the
General Peron used to say: "better than saying is doing". Nevertheless more
appropriated for your panoramic cause.

of course going around the nodal point would lead to better results but
stating it properly is really a hard job.
I'll stick with you shooting your Rollei on top of the pano head or out of
it instead of blah blah blah...
as you mentioned before facts are better than words. Translated to imagery:
a single image worth better than thousands words.