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RE: [Rollei] Re: Rollei panorama head, and "nodal points"

>           The technical discussion about "nodal
> points", rotating panoramic camera, TLR standard
> panoramic head,etc. is actually  very
> interesting for me, but I think that there is a point
> no considered. If the image's distortion occurs in the
> edges principally, the Rollei panoramic head reproduce
> a portion of the previous frame during a sequence,
> then, if you cut each frame in the point where both
> coincide, the distortion in the edges almost
> dissapears because the edge dissapears, at least I
> have this impression looking my panoramic views on
> paper.

Carlos, I notice some sharp bends in the fence of your photograph. I think
these are typical distortions or mismatch for analogue stitched photos.
Panorama stitch software adds fisheye-like distortions to each photographs
which made these sharp bends disappears. The amount of distortion depends on
the focal length that is used.

So far, I have only done some pano stitching on 35mm film. The problem is
that the files becomes very large if you want to get a high res pano,
especially if your want a 360 degree pano. Even 1200 dpi neg scans are too
big for my computer, so I have never felt the need for a 6x6 pano stitch

I'll put my more successful result on the Rollei-galery next week. Have to
dig up the file first.

Siu Fai