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RE: [Rollei] What would fit? (was: Would an SL66 Chimney Finder Fit a TLR)


I hope the older rigid Hassey chimneys fit because I just bought one on
eBay for that very purpose. While I love the WLF (another elegant Rollei
design) I have longed for a good chimney to use for outdoors landscape
shooting. I've been told that a Hassey chimney will fit Rollei TLRs with
removable WLFs. I think the Hassey chimney is 3x magnification, but I'm
sure others among us know the details well.

BTW, are there any instructions on the web anywhere for how to put the
Hassey chimney on a Rolleiflex?  Is it a no-brainer?

R.J. (very near DC)

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Along the lines of RF's query...

Somewhere in a publication I've seen photos 
of someone (Newton?) using a Rollei with
a Hassey type chimmney. Anyone have a clue
as to what was used/done? Is there some
cheap FSU solution (Kiev, et al)?

Rick in DC
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