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Re: [Rollei] series 6? Or 3x3 filters

I cut mine on a clean piece of matboard with a razor knife and a straight
edge -- I hold the straight edge along the waste side to prevent any
scratching. I've done it this way for years -- it will be interesting to
read from others what I have been doing wrong all of this time!



P. S. Sorry about the earlier blank post -- hit the wrong key.

> I just bought for almost nothing on eBay a filter holder that attaches
> to the front of the square lenshood for use on any Rollei 3.5 lens. I
> don't know if the filter holder takes 3x3 filters, but can anyone tell
> me how easy or difficult it is to cut Lee/Cokin style filters to
> different sizes? I have no experience with these type of filters but it
> seems like an economical way to use the many nice graduated filters
> available in this type. Anyone use gel filters on their Rolleis?
> TIA,
> R.J.
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