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Re: [Rollei] series 6? (general re "series" filters)

I use a Tiffen # 634 Bay III to Series VI adaptor, bought new at the 
long-gone Spiratone Manhattan store in 1965. It's small enough to 
permit mounting a Rollei Bay III lens hood on the outer mount of my 
2.8 E. I also have an Ednalite adaptor which is too large to allow 
fitting a Rollei hood over it. I use it with a Tiffin polarizor
(the kind with a separate viewing filter on a little stalk) and a 
Kodak series VI hood.

Bob Marvin

At 12:01 AM -0700 5/12/03, Russ Bates wrote:
>What?  You have a Bay III Rollei?  Sorry, I don't remember what the
>Tiffen adapter ring for that is (but I'm sure someone on this list knows
>;-))...The real shortcoming in the Series filter scheme is:  what to 
>do about a
>lens hood?

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