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Re: [Rollei] Help needed on GX Film loading, like an T or a 'cord

> Actually that is what confused me. I downloaded an old manual and that is what it 
> suggested, but as the rollers in the gx seem to be there simply to assist in film 
> transit, I figured that the film just had to go straight over the top to the top spool.

This is a FAQ, and pardon for quoting myself from the FAQ document


   The automatic roller-feeler film sensor on Rolleiflex models: 

   It was first introduced on the Rolleiflex Automat just before WWII and
   is present on all subsequent Rolleiflex models (and some SL66 film
   backs), with the following exceptions, which all use the simpler "red
   dot and arrow" manual alignment method: all Rolleicord models,
   Rolleimagic, Rolleiflex T, 2.8GX, 2.8FX. In such models, simply place
   the paper leader over the *single* roller and align the arrow on paper
   with the two red dots engraved nearby before closing the back. Another
   gearwheel sensor on the receiving spool (also present on the
   "twin-roller" R-TLRs) will then stop the crank on frame 1.

   Read more about the origins of the system and why it was abandoned on
   the 2.8GX (selected posts from a long thread)
   http://digistar.com/rollei/2001-11/0559.html (S. Keller)
   http://digistar.com/rollei/2001-11/0585.html (R. Knoppow)
   http://digistar.com/rollei/2001-11/0598.html (B. Cousineau)

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Emmanuel BIGLER