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Re: [Rollei] What's good price for minty SLX?


Thanks for the advice. Many people in addition to yourself have convinced me that the SL66 is the better choice for studio use.

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Subject: RE: [Rollei] What's good price for minty SLX?

> Not knowing about the used value of these, what would be a good price
> for a minty SLX, with 80/2.8 Planar, 120/220 back, and 45 degree prism
> finder -- note that camera is missing battery and battery charger?  I'm
> interested in buying one to keep at home for a studio-type camera.


Keep in mind that the camera is dead without a battery and charger and you
need to add at least 50$ for a used battery.

IMHO, the SLX/600x are more street and field (or even P&S) camera while the
SL66 is more a studio camera. If you are planning on using it solely in a
studio than I think you can better look for a SL66 instead.

Siu Fai