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Re: [Rollei] series 6? (general re "series" filters)


You are in error!  Bay I to series 5 will NOT vignette on any 3.5
Rollei that uses Bay I !   I have used them since 1947.

If you use Bay I to series 6, you will not be able to install the Rollei
lens hood.


Russ Bates wrote:

> Filters in Series sizes were a helluva bargain, considering what camera
> manufacturers wanted for their own branded filters.  Camera shows/swap
> meets, etc., can be great sources for Series filters from the likes of
> Tiffen and Ednalite, the occasional EK filter, and quite a few from
> lesser known marketers (you take your chances).
> Those of you who, like me, have a Bayonet II camera (mine is a 3.5F
> Xenotar, thank you) can be on the lookout for a Tiffen adapter ring
> identified as "39 BAY 6", which was made to fit Rollei Bay II cameras.
> With this little gem you can use Series 6 filters with your Bay II
> Rollei.
> Those of you who use Bay I Rolleis (lots of 'Cords and T's) should look
> for a Tiffen "35 BAY 6" to enable the use of Series 6 filters with your
> camera.  Be aware that Tiffen also made a "35 BAY 5" adapter ring which
> would allow you to use Series 5 filters.  Series 5 filters, being
> smaller, used to cost less.  I've been advised by several people that
> Series 5 will vignette on a Cord or a T (or various Yashica Mat models,
> which also take Bay I accessories), and to go for the more expensive (at
> that long ago time) Series 6 ring and filters.
> What?  You have a Bay III Rollei?  Sorry, I don't remember what the
> Tiffen adapter ring for that is (but I'm sure someone on this list knows
> ;-)).
> There you have it - the wonder and the glory of Series filters; what's
> not to like about it?
> Glad you asked.  Many people have said that Series filters were not
> equal to the quality of manufacturers' branded filters, and, since I've
> never undertaken any sort of testing regimen to resolve the issue, they
> could be right... or not - you choose.  I've used a fair number of
> Series filters over the last 40 or so years, and been satisfied with
> them.  I use Nikon filters on my Nikon lenses (except for my Series 8
> polarizer), and I have a few usable Rollei Bay II filters (mainly
> skylight and R1) - all of which I have also been pleased with.   Your
> mileage, of course, may be different.
> The real shortcoming in the Series filter scheme is:  what to do about a
> lens hood?  The Tiffen 39 BAY 6 adapter ring, for example, takes up the
> Rollei bayonet fitting and allows me to mount a Series 6 filter in an
> adapter ring.  Instead of providing a second bayonet fitting to allow me
> to use a Rollei lens hood, the adapter ring requires that I now attach a
> Series 6 lens hood.
> Now, you have to understand that I like my Rollei lens hood just fine,
> and regularly use it.  It fits nicely, having been designed by the good
> engineers of F&H, and looks proper (and pleasing) when installed.  Since
> it is square, there is a sense of rightness that comes from using it
> (yes, I make square pictures, I'm sure you know why).
> So, here's the kicker:  Your basic Series 6 lens hood is round.  It is
> also deeper than the Rollei hood, hence it may do a more effective job
> of being a lens hood.  It is also bigger than a Rollei lens hood, since
> it starts from a Series 6 thread, not a Bay II.  The effect, in use,
> is... jarring.
> Oh, and did I mention that adapter rings are black anodized aluminum?
> Nothing on my Rollei is black anodized aluminum.  Now, let me tell you
> about round Series lens hoods:  I have one that is black anodized
> aluminum, and it stands out as a non-Rollei item - yikes!  I have
> another that is a bright silver aluminum, and it, too, looks jarring
> when I look down at the camera - yikes!!!
> I've never noticed any vignetting from either of them (the silvery one
> is a little different from the black one), and I do use them when I'm
> using filters with B&W film.  None of the esthetic issues would stop me
> from using them, and yet... I find I don't use filters as often as I
> should, and half suspect that the discordant appearance of these things
> on the front of my beloved 3.5F may be partly to blame.
> In all, perhaps more than you wanted to know...
> //  Russ Bates
> //  Redmond, WA, USA
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> GK
> How ya fixed for adapters and step up rings?
> Jerry
> TrueBadger   wrote:
> > About three years ago I decided to build up a personal collection of
> > various "series" filters.  So far I have about 20 series 9, probably
> > about 30 series 8, I'd guess close to 50 series 7, around 20 series 6,
> > and 20 series 5.
> >
> > These are rough counts, not accurate ones. The only one I'd really
> > like to have and don't is an orange series 7. For some reason that
> > particular one has eluded me.  Most were bought NOS in batch lots for
> > very low prices. I've sold of some of the duplicates, and INVARIABLY
> > offering them on ebay generates "questions from bidder" on what the
> > heck these things fit.
> >
> > It seems as if you're over fifty you probably know and otherwise you
> > don't.
> >
> > I've also built up a collection of new 3x3 gelatin filters.. to the
> > point where I now have over 100 different ones, each mounted in a 3x3
> > frame. Lately, these are starting to get very scarce on ebay, and the
> > frames almost non-existant.
> >
> > Obviously I have filters I'll never get around to using, but just
> > accumulating can be fun too.
> >
> > G. King