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RE: [Rollei] series 6? (general re "series" filters)

Filters in Series sizes were a helluva bargain, considering what camera
manufacturers wanted for their own branded filters.  Camera shows/swap
meets, etc., can be great sources for Series filters from the likes of
Tiffen and Ednalite, the occasional EK filter, and quite a few from
lesser known marketers (you take your chances).

Those of you who, like me, have a Bayonet II camera (mine is a 3.5F
Xenotar, thank you) can be on the lookout for a Tiffen adapter ring
identified as "39 BAY 6", which was made to fit Rollei Bay II cameras.
With this little gem you can use Series 6 filters with your Bay II

Those of you who use Bay I Rolleis (lots of 'Cords and T's) should look
for a Tiffen "35 BAY 6" to enable the use of Series 6 filters with your
camera.  Be aware that Tiffen also made a "35 BAY 5" adapter ring which
would allow you to use Series 5 filters.  Series 5 filters, being
smaller, used to cost less.  I've been advised by several people that
Series 5 will vignette on a Cord or a T (or various Yashica Mat models,
which also take Bay I accessories), and to go for the more expensive (at
that long ago time) Series 6 ring and filters.

What?  You have a Bay III Rollei?  Sorry, I don't remember what the
Tiffen adapter ring for that is (but I'm sure someone on this list knows

There you have it - the wonder and the glory of Series filters; what's
not to like about it?

Glad you asked.  Many people have said that Series filters were not
equal to the quality of manufacturers' branded filters, and, since I've
never undertaken any sort of testing regimen to resolve the issue, they
could be right... or not - you choose.  I've used a fair number of
Series filters over the last 40 or so years, and been satisfied with
them.  I use Nikon filters on my Nikon lenses (except for my Series 8
polarizer), and I have a few usable Rollei Bay II filters (mainly
skylight and R1) - all of which I have also been pleased with.   Your
mileage, of course, may be different.

The real shortcoming in the Series filter scheme is:  what to do about a
lens hood?  The Tiffen 39 BAY 6 adapter ring, for example, takes up the
Rollei bayonet fitting and allows me to mount a Series 6 filter in an
adapter ring.  Instead of providing a second bayonet fitting to allow me
to use a Rollei lens hood, the adapter ring requires that I now attach a
Series 6 lens hood.

Now, you have to understand that I like my Rollei lens hood just fine,
and regularly use it.  It fits nicely, having been designed by the good
engineers of F&H, and looks proper (and pleasing) when installed.  Since
it is square, there is a sense of rightness that comes from using it
(yes, I make square pictures, I'm sure you know why).  

So, here's the kicker:  Your basic Series 6 lens hood is round.  It is
also deeper than the Rollei hood, hence it may do a more effective job
of being a lens hood.  It is also bigger than a Rollei lens hood, since
it starts from a Series 6 thread, not a Bay II.  The effect, in use,
is... jarring.  

Oh, and did I mention that adapter rings are black anodized aluminum?
Nothing on my Rollei is black anodized aluminum.  Now, let me tell you
about round Series lens hoods:  I have one that is black anodized
aluminum, and it stands out as a non-Rollei item - yikes!  I have
another that is a bright silver aluminum, and it, too, looks jarring
when I look down at the camera - yikes!!!

I've never noticed any vignetting from either of them (the silvery one
is a little different from the black one), and I do use them when I'm
using filters with B&W film.  None of the esthetic issues would stop me
from using them, and yet... I find I don't use filters as often as I
should, and half suspect that the discordant appearance of these things
on the front of my beloved 3.5F may be partly to blame.

In all, perhaps more than you wanted to know...

//  Russ Bates
//  Redmond, WA, USA

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How ya fixed for adapters and step up rings?


TrueBadger   wrote:

> About three years ago I decided to build up a personal collection of 
> various "series" filters.  So far I have about 20 series 9, probably 
> about 30 series 8, I'd guess close to 50 series 7, around 20 series 6,

> and 20 series 5.
> These are rough counts, not accurate ones. The only one I'd really 
> like to have and don't is an orange series 7. For some reason that 
> particular one has eluded me.  Most were bought NOS in batch lots for 
> very low prices. I've sold of some of the duplicates, and INVARIABLY 
> offering them on ebay generates "questions from bidder" on what the 
> heck these things fit.
> It seems as if you're over fifty you probably know and otherwise you 
> don't.
> I've also built up a collection of new 3x3 gelatin filters.. to the 
> point where I now have over 100 different ones, each mounted in a 3x3 
> frame. Lately, these are starting to get very scarce on ebay, and the 
> frames almost non-existant.
> Obviously I have filters I'll never get around to using, but just 
> accumulating can be fun too.
> G. King