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Re: [Rollei] Average price for a Rolleifix?

Nick Roberts wrote:
> Thing is it's SUCH a useful accessory that even paying
> over the odds is worh it. It's a work of pure genius,
> and I just wish it fitted all my non-Rollei cameras as
> well. I never thought I would wax lyrical about a
> quick-release plate, but I can't imagine using a
> Rollei on a tripod without one.
> Nick
> --- "Fox, Robert" <RFox  > wrote:
> > I bought mine not two months ago for $28 (including
> > shipping) from a well-known user on Photo.net. The
> > rolleifix is mint. He had two or three. Contact me
> > offline and I'll give his e-mail address - maybe
> > he's got some more.
> >

I agree.
I don't use quick release plates and systems.

The Rolleifix on the Rolleiflex is the exception.

I think I got mine for five bucks at a swap meet and have seen them at
that  price since.
But I'd pay twenty or thirty dollars for one now that i know how well it works.

Although another thing is my F does not work so with on a tripod without
the Rolleifix.

Mark Rabiner
Portland, Oregon USA