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Re: [Rollei] series 6? (general re "series" filters)


How ya fixed for adapters and step up rings?


TrueBadger   wrote:

> About three years ago I decided to build up a personal collection of various "series" filters.  So far I have about 20 series 9, probably about 30 series 8, I'd guess close to 50 series 7, around 20 series 6, and 20 series 5.
> These are rough counts, not accurate ones. The only one I'd really like to have and don't is an orange series 7. For some reason that particular one has eluded me.  Most were bought NOS in batch lots for very low prices. I've sold of some of the duplicates, and INVARIABLY offering them on ebay generates "questions from bidder" on what the heck these things fit.
> It seems as if you're over fifty you probably know and otherwise you don't.
> I've also built up a collection of new 3x3 gelatin filters.. to the point where I now have over 100 different ones, each mounted in a 3x3 frame. Lately, these are starting to get very scarce on ebay, and the frames almost non-existant.
> Obviously I have filters I'll never get around to using, but just accumulating can be fun too.
> G. King