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[Rollei] Series Adapters

We probably should put this in the FAQ.

In the 1950's, a system of universal filters came out from firms such as
Tiffen, Kodak, and Ednalite which involved a basic adapter and a lens hood.
 These could be unscrewed to permit a filter to be used.  As the mounts
fell into a range of series, these, oddly enough, were called "Series"
adapters.  For 35mm use, the most common are Series V, VI, and VII;  for MF
use, Series VI to VIII are the customary sizes.

I just picked up a 1.5/5cm Leitz Summarit in LTM.  I don't have any of the
Bayo 43 or E41 gear to fit it, but I DID have, in one of my many boxes, an
E41 (41mm screw-in) Series VI adapter ring, so I borrowed a Series VI lens
hood from my Rolleiflex Automat, type 3, and I'm in business.

New Series gear is still available from the decent filter guys such as B+W,
Heliopan, and, the best of the lot in my opinion, Harrison & Harrison in
Californa (their bayonet adapters are the best in the business outside of
the actual F&H/Rollei stuff).  I believe Leica still markets some Series
filters as well:  they were standard for years on some of their lenses,
notably the 1.4/35 Summilux-M.


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