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[Rollei] 'Must Haves' for any TLR user?

Again I am a little late, but have some current
practical experience -- altho at home I have half a
dozen Rolleiflexes and most of the accessories made
for them, the last 5 months I have been living out of
what my wife and I could take on an airplane, and the
camera allotment for that was one Rolleiflex, a Bessa
R with lenses, and minimal accessories.  The Rollei
selection was:

A 3.5E3 with a Beattie screen
A Rolleifix 
A lens cap
A Bay-2 to series-6 adapter 
A strap and a Lowepro 35AF zoom case (perfect fit for
the outfit).
A Gossen Digi-6 meter

Accessories for both cameras:

A Gitzo 026 tripod
A cable release
A series-6 lenshood and a set of BW filters
A small Yashica flash (unused so far)
A lens brush and cleaning paper.

The main thing I have missed is macro ability.

John Lehman
College, Alaska USA (working in the People's Republic of Berkeley until June)