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Re: [Rollei] Capa on US TV

Any idea as to when and on what network?

- -- John

At 20:16 5/10/03, Marc James Small wrote:
>A noted Capa scholar sent me this and asked that I forward it to the List:
>I think the group will be intrested in watching it for no other reason there
>are a lot of Rolleiflex's and Contaxes, with Capa useing them.  The film is
>very well done.  Two years and half a million spent, with only a few "movie
>production" statements of mis-infermation.  That only a hand full of us will
>ever note.  The 90 minutes are worth the effort to sit down and have a drink,
>and watch some history.
>So, guys, watch it and enjoy!
>Even you, Jerry, might learn something!
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