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[Rollei] 'Must Haves' for any TLR user?

	Must haves for any TLR user?
I'm coming in a little late, but still would like to give it shot.
Must have for me starts with the strap.  This is just a safety feature, 
like fastening your seat belt before driving away.
Next item is a shade. In many instances, you can use your hand, so it's 
not absolutely necessary, but I always try to use the appropriate shade 
when using any lens.
The older Rolleis and Cords really open up with new screen. I think this 
is a "must have" for them.  F's are quite comfortably useable with stock 
screen, but it's definitely worth being the first upgrade.
The GX probably doesn't need one. (Mine doesn't.)
	From this point, it becomes very user selective. When I shoot at a 
soccer game, I want a prism. Landscapes with SFX might require a red 
filter.  Flash could be an option. A case for all the equipment.

Phil Stiles NH USA