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Re: [Rollei] Rollei panorama head

Thank you very much.The Rollei Panorama head is
designed for take a little portion of the previous
photograph in a sequence, then you can cutt each
photograph where both coincide.The secret is maintain
the panorama head level during the sequence and pay
attention to highlights and shadows. I choosed a B&W
film (Kodak 400 CN Process C-41)for this photograph
because it allows disimulate sky color variations (and
I also choose a beatiful day). I only use a graphic
software to disimulate the union lines in the sky. 
I have five large panoramic views on paper (Iguazu
falls, my grandfather's farm, etc,)and really they are
very nice. 
Paul Roark has a beatiful Yosemite Park panoramic view
taken with the GX and the Rollei panorama head. He
used the Kodak B&W 400 CN.
All the best

Allen Zak  wrote:on 5/10/03 9:59 AM, Carlos Manuel
Freaza at cmfreaza  wrote:I put in the
Rollei-Gallery a photograph taken with the Rollei
Panorama head.The image is formed by four photographs
in sequence. This photograph isn't suitable to be
shown into a monitor's screen,a panoramic view shines
with a large enlargement, but I wished show a panorama
head use example. I introduce my city - the downtown
appears little in the distance too much- in the
photograph. BTW, I used the Rolleiflex 2.8C self-timer
that in the GX lacks  :-)
the bestCarlosI am much impressed at how seamless the
photos fit together.  I would have believed the
photograph was made with a panorama camera.  Did you
perform digital manipulations on your image?  I am
maybe inspired to try out my Rollei panorama head,
which I acquired years ago and never used.Allen Zak 

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