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[Rollei] Re: Rollei panorama head

Carlos Manuel Freaza wrote:

> I put in the Rollei-Gallery a photograph taken with the Rollei Panorama
> head.The image is formed by four photographs in sequence. This photograph
> isn't suitable to be shown into a monitor's screen,a panoramic view shines
> with a large enlargement, but I wished show a panorama head use example. I
> introduce my city - the downtown appears little in the distance too much- in
> the photograph. 
> BTW, I used the Rolleiflex 2.8C self-timer that in the GX lacks  :-)
> http://www.rollei-gallery.net/itar/image-45146.html All the bestCarlos

Thanks for the look Carlos!

I too am a user of the rollei pan head... I find it tends to work better
with the 75 mm lens on my 'cord III than the 80 mm on the 2.8C; the frames
seem to match a bit closer...

Does anyone have any other experience with this accessory?

Eric Goldstein